Respectful and Responsible: Managing Emotions and Leading With Integrity

In your wellbeing toolkit you'll find a wide range of high-quality courses focused on personal wellbeing and leadership development for school staff.   Check out the details of our Respectful and Responsible: Managing Emotions and Leading With Integrity course below.
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The total length of this self-paced interactive course is approximately 100 minutes but can be taken at your own pace in as many sessions as you like.  
Are you a school leader who is passionate about fostering a nurturing and productive working environment? Are you looking to hone your skills, to better support your staff n the challenging landscape of education today? We have the perfect course designed just for you! This course is expertly curated to empower you with the skills to create a respectful, responsible working environment in line with the HSE management standards. It forms part of a series of courses that addresses the 12 competencies proven to reduce staff stress. The course is structured around three core competencies: 1. Integrity Learn how to lead with honesty and strong moral principles. We'll help you build trust within your team and develop a transparent communication system that encourages openness and mutual respect. 2. Managing Emotions: Master emotional intelligence to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and diffuse conflict. 3. Considerate Approach: Learn how to adopt a more compassionate leadership style that values and respects the individual needs of your team members. Understand how to balance the demands of the job with the well-being of your staff. Whether you're an established leader looking to refine your approach or a budding professional stepping into a leadership role, this course is s your gateway to fostering a positive, productive, and respectful environment in your institution. Sign up today!  
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