Communicating and Managing Expectations

In your wellbeing toolkit you'll find a wide range of high-quality courses focused on personal wellbeing and leadership development for school staff.   Check out the details of our Communicating and Managing Expectations course below.
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The total length of this self-paced interactive course is approximately 100 minutes but can be taken at your own pace in as many sessions as you like.  
Are you an educational leader striving to enhance your management and communication skills? Are you eager to reduce staff stress and contribute to a more harmonious school environment? Look no further! We present to you the second course in our four-part leadership series that address the 12 competencies proven to prevent and reduce staff stress. This comprehensive online course is tailor-made for school and college leaders in the UK, aiming to equip you with essential skills for proactive work management, effective problem-solving, and participative/empowering leadership in line with the HSE management standards. The course focuses on three key competencies: 1. Proactive Work Management: Learn how to manage your and others tasks effectively, prioritise your workload, and plan for future projects. 2. Problem Solving: Equip yourself with analytical thinking and problem-solving skills that help navigate the complex issues that often arise in a school setting. We'll help you develop a systematic approach to identifying problems, generating solutions, and implementing effective strategies. 3. Participative/Empowering- Explore how to foster a participative and empowering environment where every staff member feels valued and motivated. Discover techniques for delegation, motivation, and empowerment that promote collaboration and shared decision-making. Sign up today!  
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